How Watercolor Flower Painting A Rose?

Watercolor Flower Painting A Rose ~ By learning to paint flowers in watercolor, select first, choose a flower with very few petals or even a button, a dominant chunk petal shows - unlike a flower with many petals. Several petals can be like a maze and paint overwhelming emotion. Once designed, focusing separately on each petal by the focus on a small area narrows. a "card" for Underpainting creating the bright and dark areas will be for the rest of the image in a good position.

Each petal described hot and cold shades similar colors. For example, a red rose is lighter and cold, as the sheet is most affected by light. As immersed in the deep interior of pink or in the shade behind the pink - the colors are warmer and darker. You will see how the buttons and the main petals, which are richer in color inside or in the shade in the same field - lighter areas affected by daylight, is cooler and pink / purple (cool color).

Keep the color used on the base of rich, warm Horseshoe a warm red. brush alizarin now in a better place in a purple color like purple. Relieve Alizarin Crimson as it unfolds to light. See how the cold seems to brighter red than? Shadows created with local color (meaning that the influence of the color theme of light and shadow).

For example, a green sheet has a local green - red petal has a red color point. Mix your shadow color: Record your local color - say that we have a bright red rose - so we get the bright red - now add a touch of color red free - what is green.

You can choose your shadow color vary prefer more red than green - or a touch of blue Heliogen addition - or even a hint of orange to heat the mixture of red / green color.

Variations in hue dancing shadows and shine like jewels. It's fun, a rose arising from the white paper page. Have fun!

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