New Xiaomi MIUI 7 Update Released

New Xiaomi MIUI 7 Update Released ~ Xiaomi, one of the giants of the fastest growing in the smartphone industry, has just asked the world, latest MIUI update their software 7. It was an event in New Delhi, India, where the MIUI has occurred. 7 While some critics might say that Xiaomi seems to tell a bit too quickly your software, this update to users of Chinese smartphone company waits too. MIUI 6 was something that caught the attention of customers with unique customizable features and enhanced battery performance and speed. As with any sequence MIUI 7 is bigger, better and faster. Vice Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, said the new look of MIUI will be up to 30% faster than the lowest version. As we have seen, MIUI 5.1 operating system reflects the Google Android system MIUI and 7 from the Lollipop Android.

It is a particular feature of MIUI 7, which will be available soon with Xiaomi phones are only available if the video can be boring set for different contacts instead of the old notes. The operating system will help to reach the true potential device, useless data interrupt as unwanted applications running in the background. This increases the battery capacity and may also be extended by an impressive 20%. Opera Software helps to limit the O unwanted web traffic. For a larger screen, the MIUI users 7 provides a larger font that looks really good on the device and makes it easier to read.

For extra protection, there is a barrier for children with something to see children beyond what prevented. Face recognition is one of the best in MIUI 7 and running distance at which the camera detects a face and can create an album with all photos of this person. It is a colorful theme interface, which brings MIUI 7 viewers in 4 different colors (pink blush, Ocean Breeze, Rose and High Life). These issues can be customized to the users.

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