Reasons Why Sugar is not Food You could Think of the Action?

Why Sugar is not Food You could Think of the Action? ~ Most people are used to give a stroke sugar episode with them a boost, usually in the morning or afternoon. Muffins, chocolate chip cookies or chocolate are popular choices and are often driven by a coffee.

The peak blood sugar will pull through insulin excess glucose into fat cells themselves can be corrected to save the long-term insurance as fat, which will be released only when waiting for your next hunger neighborhood is achieved or not, as the case is usually.

Stay with me, it takes a little longer. In the 70s and 80s, red meat has gotten a lot of bad press and one of the reasons was that he was accused of creating too much uric acid in the blood that can cause inflammation and kidney stones.

We now know that the sugar is a major cause of increased uric acid. Uric acid reduces the levels of nitric oxide in the muscles and blood.

Sport Studies show that a concentrated source of nitric oxide, increase as found in beetroot juice levels of nitric oxide and increased energy and stamina.

So it works backwards, excessive consumption of sugar, that our love for sweets, cereals and potatoes placed on the prevailing practice, reduces the energy robbing of nitric oxide.

Personally know many people who sport beets take shots or bar for an extra boost, but also charged for foods with high sugar content, hoping to help their performance, but only to defeat their own efforts.

The third reason why sugar consumed energy your glucose is converted in the bloodstream into long chain fatty acids and is retained in the body as fat. These large fat molecules are not readily converted into energy. So here we have 3 more nails in the coffin of sugar consumption in all its forms.

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