Revision of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Revision of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Reviews

For people who need to work from 9:00 to 17:00 is exhausted to find that sites must be cleaned when they finally get home. Thanks to technology, the robot vacuum cleaner can help us with cleaning.

However, there are many different brands of vacuum cleaner robot, and most of these vacuum robots are not as satisfactory as expected.

Since most of these robotic vacuum cleaners to clean the ground at random, which means that some areas lost.

Two long-haired British cats, which means that all the cat hair on top of my house. Obviously, this is a job so my wasteful, and feel very tired after cleaning. So have one of those vacuum cleaner robot Xiaomi and hoped that it would be useful.

As we know, the smartphone Xiaomi is selling well, and now, Xiaomi produces various products Smart Home. And the robot vacuum Xiaomi is one of those smart-home products.

Like other smart house products that are smarter than many robot cleaner because it's advanced mapping project.

With this intelligent mapping, could wipe the ground, which is missing in your room without any area. After mapping the room, you may display the route on the smartphone.

To map the places accuracy has 12 different types of sensors, such as laser distance sensor, which comes out above. Apart from the laser distance sensor is a sensor wall, a dust sensor, a crash sensor, an ultrasonic sensor and a radar sensor rock.

These sensors play an important role in much smarter, as the stairs traps to avoid and prevent the compact.

In short, it works fine in my house to get rid of getting cat hair. And it is cheaper and smarter than it already several robotic vacuum cleaner.

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