That Chocolate Is The Best American Or European?

The Best American Or European

Chocolate is a delicacy enjoyed throughout the world. Many people around the world agree that eating chocolate at least once a week. Moreover, due to the many advantages it offers, chocolate is also recommended by doctors.

To understand who makes the best chocolate is extremely important to understand the origins of chocolate.

That Chocolate

Research has shown that more than three thousand years, chocolate was made from the cocoa bean cocoa, found mainly in Central America rainforest.

After the Spanish conquest, it made its way to Europe, where the Europeans developed several ways to consume chocolate. It is, for this reason, it has been found that chocolate from Europe.

Chocolate has turned for the first time since a bitter drink a sweet dessert Europeans. Therefore, many people claim that Europeans make the best chocolate in the world.

Many believe that the European chocolate is delicious and the quality is better than the American chocolate because it was to leave first. Where are the best chocolates are made, depends largely on personal taste?

The chocolate will also examine the saw because Europeans have some of the oldest chocolate brands in the international market. Some of the oldest brands in Europe include Lindt and Cadbury, who is from Switzerland and England respectively.

An American-known brand, which is popular all over the world, of Hershey. The brand was introduced in 1900.

Regarding the characteristics, American Chocolate Chocolate is often sweeter than Europeans.

Moreover, in the United States is less than European chocolate because it contains less than cocoa European chocolate, tends to be dark chocolate. Decide which brand better than the option of either darker or lighter chocolate.

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