The Samsung Galaxy Note has an Advanced Touch Screen with Stylus Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most powerful smartphones available, and as companions stage of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus, the Android powered provides a variety of features. The Galaxy Note is obvious to business users, although many striking multimedia credentials began.


One feature that seems to have fallen out of favor among many users, a pen, the user has the ability to touch to operate with greater accuracy and comfort. One of the main reasons that a pin for the Samsung Galaxy Note is suitable is that the TouchWiz interface is a useful function to recognize the handwriting can. Therefore, you can make notes using the stylus, write text messages and e-mails, etc., and when completed, the software will convert your handwriting into digital text. If, as many mobile phone users, you can write faster than you can type a QWERTY keyboard, a pen can be a very desirable feature.

Browsing the Internet

Without a decent Internet connection, a smartphone will be all but useless. The Samsung Galaxy Note is fully equipped to surf the Internet, thanks to a range of connectivity options and a good navigation software online. Internet, Wi-Fi device used to connect the most effective means. If you have access to local wireless networks, you can browse the network to your heart's content without using your data limit, if you are on a limited data rate.

Touch screen

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of only a very small number of devices that have a screen resolution greater than the Retina display on the iPhone 4S from Apple. In 800x1280, the 5.2-inch screen resolution, making it the ideal multimedia smartphone, such as photos, videos, games and websites are displayed in high quality with a high degree of detail and clarity. Apart from the features described above, the device has an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording capability, a dual-core processor and downloadable applications from the Market Android. I recommend for those the Samsung Galaxy Note, the search for an alternative to turn the Apple iPhone, or several models of HTC that are flooding the market.

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