The Unstoppable Power of Image Reviews

The Unstoppable Power of Image Reviews ~ The images are, of course, always a part of internet marketing, if placed in a blog or an article, or focuses on the landing page of the site directly on the screen embedded.

Current trends, including the increased popularity of these social networking sites such as Pinterest to show that the use of images in online marketing is to play a central role; It is so easy to use props.


Pinterest describes itself as "a visual discovery tool." Users can pin just about anything on Pinterest, fascinating places, craft ideas, wine, art and more.

With over 70 million users excited specialists Pinterest marketing humble image to see it in a new way - as a unit, or the stock may fall in a vibrant and growing audience.


Instagram is an application used by over 100 million people to publish photos of Thai curry to make for dinner, Machu Picchu was going finish, or your sweet kitten playing in the snow.

Jamie Oliver, celebrated British chef followed by more than 400,000 Instagram users like Ben and Jerry the potential of Instagram as a promotional tool saw from Scotch Scotch whiskey you can try a direct audience of nearly 10 million users typing.


Buzzfeed attracts around 40 million viewers - and more fans of the players - every month. Buzzfeed found. A strong and growing market for short messages stations where images dominate.


Tumblr is on the rise; In 2013, we saw a growth rate of 74%. A website of the hip, where art meets food, photography and design meets comedy, Tumblr hands only in text, images and more open, even if their movement tends to the image associated with the content it is largely driven.

Companies using this social media site (the fifth most popular in America) blogs to create visual and information sources, and great places that are often shared.

The images in the form of photographs, the key to a successful place must be created on Facebook. KISSmetrics tells us that bookings images represent 93% of the most popular places in the area included.

Internet marketing is to think about many things right while pulling growth to a couple of restaurants and concise, catchy text with pictures attention.

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