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The secret of good chocolate business consists of three things: longevity, taste and affordability. The range of Hershey chocolate products is mind-numbing; They make or sell almost all the shops you see. In the United States, actually selling Cadbury chocolate. With their own business the old favourite chocolate Almond Joy bars, Reese peanut butter cup and bar Kit Kat, Hershey has a solid feel of chocolate throughout the project. What makes your chocolate as manageable and reproducible?

Chocolate Hershey

The raw material collection process for each milk chocolate Hershey - and brands of dark chocolate, which they do - remained the same for more than a century: The cocoa beans are collected from their home countries and headquarters Hershey in Pennsylvania as "the sweetest place on Earth "). The small town of Hershey, Pennsylvania is ideal, just because cows outnumber people, and natural water reservoirs in the spring round required for chocolate milk.

The next step in the short distance from the cocoa bean to chocolate milk is a huge automated process, such as those downloaded from the Hershey employees on a conveyor belt. Cocoa beans are heated, roasted and broken; All of the possible human joy. The crushing is necessary since the release of soybeans used in chocolate milk poured from a ladle.

The cocoa butter is not discarded; In fact, this is the main ingredient for chocolate, such as the type of chocolate that end - will be determined by the amount of cocoa butter, are returned to waxy chocolate hills - if milk, dark, and so on.

It is rare in amounts mixed in the milk area, sugar and chocolate, and will inevitably beat to convey with this smooth texture so that commercial chocolate is famous. The tireless engines will eventually produce one million pounds of chocolate every day.

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