What Is Aloe Vera Gel? Where And How, You Need To Know?

What is Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe Vera Gel - although the term is gaining popularity, many do not know what is. This ezine article will review the basics and give you an idea of ​​exactly what is aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Gel is Aloe Vera plant produces fleshy leaves in the tooth. Over the centuries, it has gained popularity and is known by many names:

  • Burn plant
  • Herbal medicines
  • The pot doctor
  • Plantlife
  • First aid
  • Sky wall
  • Silent healer

The structures of most Aloe plants are similar. Aloe grows to about 3-4 years to mature, they begin when red or yellow flowers grow. There are about 300 different varieties of Aloe Vera, of which only five known medicinal properties and benefits.

The strains are Aloe Barbedensis Miller, Aloe perryi Baker, Aloe Ferox, Aloe armporesens and Aloe Saponaria.

These are the strongest Aloe barbedensis Müller

Gel of aloe vera in the sheet contains more than 75 200 nutrients and other compounds, including 20 minerals, vitamins, amino acids 18-12. For centuries, Aloe Vera has been used by various cultures.
The ancient Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Indians and Chinese have all aloe vera is used as a medicinal plant. The virtues of Aloe Vera back to many ancient cultures, including Persia, Egypt, Greece, Africa - to name just a few, although the first documented use of aloe vera comes from the ancient Egyptians.

Even Alexander - the Great conquered the Socotra Island (Yemen), the "battle" for the army to have aloe. Since Cleopatra in last Mahatma Gandhi, all tasted the goodness of Aloe Vera, known as the "silent healer of nature." Now, let's look at how the aloe vera gel.

How Aloe Outwardly?

Aloe molecular structure is so small that all the way to penetrate the bottom layer through the upper skin layers. The epidermis is the upper layer followed by the dermis and the bottom layer called the hypodermis. Aloe is a component called "lignin" which helps to penetrate the cellular level.
Both elements together to achieve the cellular level of the skin and toxins from the skin layers on the surface, and finally out of the system. Aloe is said to work from the "inside out" - means that penetrates inside and removes or deletes all the toxins and eliminate them from the system.

How Aloe works internally?

Researchers now believe that 90% of all diseases begin in the digestive tract. Therefore, proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients for optimal health and well needed.

Toxin - are substances which accumulate in the body of the body and cause injury. If your body is not getting the nutrients of your food, your body resulting defects suffer the disease.

Aloe vera, when consumed helps to remove toxins from the digestive system, is able to solve these toxins and carefully remove to clean the coating and allowing the body to absorb the full benefit of the nutrients from the food we eat.

The fact that our body has the nutrition of different food intake sources during the years in our digestive lining, extra supplement of powerful nutrients and Aloe Vera Gel be deposited benefit because toxins are not absorbed to determine the right balance in your system.

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