What is Process NWIZ.EXE?

Nwiz.exe part nView offers NVidia installed along with the graphics hardware products to all of the driver package. This application, the user will have access to additional functions, allowing the configuration settings and optimization settings to 32 screens in a central computer, or extend the desktop to multiple monitors. It is recommended to disable this program, so it is necessary resources occupied.

The location of the file on the local computer HKEY be on your plate, shown as
Run: [Nwiz] nwiz.exe / installation

You should also be found in your System or System32 folder, depending on the Windows operating system.

Security threat

The nwiz.exe process in Windows Task Manager without NVidia graphics card is usually a sign that your computer with viruses / trojans Gaobot or Agobot.iq was infected. Moreover, even if you have a NVidia card, you should be careful, especially if you find two or more processes called nwiz.exe. However, if you have a method with this name run a graphics card NVidia driver software, NVidia.

Some users also complained nwiz.exe and performance while running, a large part of the resources of memory to be straight with the food on the taskbar.

Gaobot / Agobot listed as probably a virus / trojan and as such constitutes a serious threat to the security that must be corrected immediately! Delaying removal nwiz.exe can cause serious damage to your system and may cause a number of problems, such as low energy, loss of data or leakage of personal information on websites.

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