What is the Science behind the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

What is the Science behind the Perfect Cup of Coffee? ~ If you are a person coffee, your day is not likely to start before you brew a delicious cup of aromatic coffee in the morning.

Water is the absolute key

Water quality has a greater impact on the coffee flavor. composition of water is important, the right balance of forces, bases, sugars and acids that are not from the roasted coffee beans exported coffee. The mineral composition of the water has the greatest effect in six different coffee extraction chemicals. The water is rich in magnesium, does not improve the extraction of coffee beans in flavors. Sodium bicarbonate with, tends to spoil the taste. To make things right, low bicarbonate levels and high levels of magnesium are components stand in a perfect cup of coffee to brew.

The taste of a cup of coffee is on the level of water extracted chemicals from the ground beans, a process that depends on the grinding process generally temperatures, roasting profiles during fermentation and largely pressure. When you stop to smell the coffee, try a cup only sour or bitter. The smell know how "coffee" despised combining hundreds of different odor compounds in coffee.

What is needed to get the perfect cup of coffee?

There are five major functions you can control the perfect cup of coffee:

  • Coarse grind: The ideal grind coffee beans, is somewhere between fine soil and dust very coarse grains.

  • The temperature during extraction: If cause water boils, that caffeine and organic acids resulting in a faster high amounts of caffeine bitterness and organic acids were extracted.

  • The duration of extraction: If grounding consistency of coffee beans and a continuous infusion to maintain the temperature, can affect the amounts of these elements to play with the infusion period.

  • The ideal water to coffee ratio is the choice of the extraction process are listed along with the factors in this list.

Finally, to make the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, the process is quite simple. The grinding of grain coarseness to right and tries the temperature of water is adjusted along with the duration of extraction by adjusting the ratio of coffee to water, depending on the extraction method.

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