What's Yamaha YZF R15 Bike Review and Details?

What's Yamaha YZF R15 Bike Review and Details? ~ Yamaha made a sensational publication with the launch of Yamaha YZF R15, and this machine kissed the Indian roads with pure racing instincts, even though it was disappointing with a high price. However, the Yamaha YZF R15 has a unique flair with advanced race of cycling and technology is born to enjoy all the other cycling enthusiasts. Yamaha YZF R15 is also in the first 150cc liquid-cooled engine of India with an aluminum cylinder.

The Yamaha YZF R15 cylinder is used which DiASil technology (silicon aluminum plant) is called, which effectively reduces the weight of the engine and increases the cooling capacity. The Yamaha YZF R15 refrigerator is a compact, which ensures greater stability when driving or on city streets or uphill. The acceleration at low speed is simply outstanding. Yamaha YZF R15 provides a maximum capacity of 17 horsepower at 8500 rpm and torque of 15 nm at 7500 rpm.

Moreover, the mechanical engine noise is minimal. Yamaha YZF R15 used a forged piston and a combustion chamber 4 valves and is another secret of his great power. The fuel injection system is designed to provide an optimized fuel efficiency and is also responsible environmental emission standards. The fuel efficiency on Indian roads is 40kmpl.

The box-like frame structure of Delta suspended only adds versatile appearance and provides maximum stability. The tires are tubeless, so you can ride a Yamaha YZF R15 with reduced friction. The bicycle also offers all kinds of safety standards.

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