Why You Should Buy the Amazon Kindle 2?

Buy the Amazon Kindle 2 ~ For avid fans and readers of the book, and those who make many journeys, Amazon Kindle gadget is absolutely must have. This Amazon Kindle 2 review demonstrate the features and advantages of Amazon Kindle 2 for the first edition.

The Amazon Kindle 2 is the upgraded version of the Kindle 1.0, with refined and elegant tablet of which can easily bypass. Besides making the Amazon Kindle much more functional and portable, better graphics and faster refresh rate is a full package does. It provides an experience that forging clearly showing physical books. However, In Kindle 2 can store only 1,500 of them. Talk about big things come in small packages! It is also a compact electronic book, which is used as an audio player and a wireless web browser. The first version, the Kindle 1 was the first time in the United States in November 2007. It was published in February 2009, when Amazon announced the enhanced version, which Amazon Kindle 2.

Kindle 1 vs Kindle 2 Review

The Kindle 2 offers an improvement over the Kindle 1. The main developments are:

HARDWARE: Kindle 1 was inspired by some, the search said strange. The device is also thin that only aesthetic appearance lends. The display is also lighter than the original version, which now has 16 different shades of gray, compared with 4 in 1 Kindle.

SPEED SCREEN Refresher: Compared with the original Kindle, the Kindle 2 updates 20% faster screen.

Battery Life: The battery is not much of an issue, because the Kindle does not really have much power. Kindle 1 would normally take more than a week before needing to recharge, and the Amazon Kindle 2 has a battery life by 25% more!

SOFTWARE: For this review of the Amazon Kindle 2, we saw that has not changed much with the Kindle 2. Visible changes are search options and the dictionary is easy to use now. In Kindle 2 will be shown after the word, a very convenient way to read. Moreover, in general menu is organized and better.

Amazon Kindle PROS 2 Revision:

TRAVEL: We Amazon Kindle 2 review, the Kindle 2 is definitely ideal for traveling. You do not need heavy books to carry in your luggage. You've packed this device with several books.

Saving files: You DOC email, TXT, and even PDF files to your e-mail Kindle for storage.

BOOKS AT ANY TIME: Almost all the books you need is Kindle Store. There are few exceptions, such as some esoteric reference books. Kindle is very sensitive, especially now, is thinner.

NO SD Slot: Allows you to expand your memory, but has about 1,500 books.

Even a large number of books

Route: The hostess will ask during takeoff and landing off. has summarized this Amazon Kindle 2 review facing the Kindle 2, the few problems Kindle 1 on improving performance and shows us something really interesting; They are the future. Amazon certainly conquer the world of eBooks.

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