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To write in memory the next post on your blog, you can be a little problem; normal working day has all kinds of twists and turns and the blog you intend slips to write your opinion. Recent research in memory offers an interesting twist. Psychologists at the University of Exeter, UK, analyzed the various ways in which it could help people with memory problems. Researchers studied people who had suffered brain injuries that affected his memory. One of the tools used to help people remember something that was Google Calendar - free online calendar service that comes with your Gmail account. The researchers found that the higher Google Calendar to help patients with brain injuries, things to remember - much better than the stuff in a traditional magazine, writing for example. It appears that the automated functions of Google Calendar was useful and provided just above and beyond a normal calendar. This shows that there is something, which means that Google's calendar system that is easier to remember things that you can use to remember to help you find what you blog.

Many people use an online calendar system, or allow them to organize software such as Outlook, schedule and program. But you use Google Calendar with your business plan as blogs, so you do not remember - Google will do this part for you.

Step 1: Get a Google Calendar account

If you have a Google Calendar or do not you add a Google Mail account, do so.

Step 2: Make a journal called «Blogging»

Once you have your Google Calendar account, the model will appear "Diary." Click the down arrow next to it and select "Create new calendar." Call "blogging".

Step 3: Set Daily Themes

Choose a different theme or topic for each day your blog. For example, if your blog is about gardening is, you could write about the ground conditions on Monday, dealing with pests, Tuesday, creating large herbaceous Wednesday and so on. Now, enter your Google Calendar, an event with the name of your theme for any time of day, write about it. Enter any topic to use different color options if the event.

Step 4: Repeat Event

At the top of the screen there is a «Repeat» box you can choose.

Step 5: Set reminders

When creating topics, use the reminder function on the bottom of your screen naturally to receive an e-mail, or to remind you, pop-up, which, say, writing a half hour a blog post on a particular topic are needed. So you can forget about your blog and wait for the memories on the subject should write.

Step 6: Editing individual events

Add for each of the individual events you create, edit, and provide information about specific contributions in the field "Description". Then open the next Event Wednesday lawn care and enter the details of another idea as the best way to get the watering lawns. The only thing that Google Calendar can not do for you is really ... to write the blog entry! Yet, just as the patient was brain lesions that Google Calendar is the best way to help them remember things, you can also take advantage of the system over their blogs to help.

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