Banksy dos and don'ts Canvas

A Banksy canvas is perhaps the screen printing online more visually stunning styles available. His image is on a street wall in the revolutionary style of artist Banksy, a very stylish and fashionable result. The contrast between white and ash bottom and bright colors the main theme is a striking result and keep light work everywhere in the environment! For just one move to give your photos bite and shiny, Banksy canvas is undoubtedly the perfect technology.

The Canvas Designation Canvas Banksy

1. Use your own photos

Although you can just play one of Banksy's pieces on a screen pressure, it's definitely a lot to design cool your own photos in Banksy style! Expert designers work with great care and attention to detail to make your pressure on art to design the most inspired canvas for you. Take Banksy as their inspiration and show off your photo skills!

2. Select an image with contrast light

Photos with contrast light - defined areas of light and shadow (not necessarily black and white) - always look impressive on a Banksy screen. If the features and the main features are clear and clearly have the impression of a great influence and strength and stand out in your living room. Since your image is beautifully printed on Wall Street backgrounds, color contrasts and justapositions make a particularly urgent problem already, and the exact dark areas and light actually make a remarkable work of wall art.

There is no general framework that all Art Banksy canvas prints are placed on. A photo of the street where you live, or lived, a road where something amazing happens in your life ... Whatever a Banksy screen integrates this piece of the image.

Don'ts Banksy canvas

1. Choose a photo of 100dpi or less

The best photos of Banksy screen print at least 100 dpi, which should be good for the vast majority of digital cameras, disposable cameras and many mobile phones.

2. Check your street credentials

Just because you now mean that your own canvas Banksy does not make a dramatic political statement with graffiti on the walls can! Be happy with the awareness that your canvas really shocking!

If you have given your beautiful canvas by Banksy as a unique gift idea for your friends or family, you will no doubt feel the jealousy feel swollen. Want your photos to be stunning on the screen! When you visit interest in photography and modern ideas for canvas photo gifts for impressive canvas prints designed for all occasions and people in your life.

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