Canvas Prints Past, Present and Future

Canvas Prints Past, Present and Future ~ To upload a photo on canvas, you can have a printed digital photo on canvas and use it instead of traditional photography.

Canvas prints

Canvas print is an image, canvas or gallery mounted on a frame for the screen, with an additional overlay with plaster selection to continue to come in oil ink is printed directly in contact with the fibers of digital canvas. With a properly prepared canvas, the painter finds that any subsequent color slides thick layer, and can be achieved with the correct consequence of application, a stroke-free painting. An iron on an ironing board, as defined for the warm environment, is then applied to a piece of wet cotton to smooth the wrinkles.

Photos, graphics and screenshots

If a special event is your friends or family, and has come, it can give a great gift with printed images on screen. Many screen companies offer personalized services for silk screen printing Today. You can do things like the frame and print photo styles select the screen that best suits your budget needs.

Provides the use of a digital camera with a resolution of over 3 megapixels, the best results for silk screen printing. Also, larger images before they are displayed on the screen will come back or touch, restore them to help their original quality.

Print Canvas also takes advantage of modern printing technology as Giclee (or Giclee) to improve the quality of printed digital images.

Giclee Print

If you want to decorate your walls, Giclee canvas get. Giclee canvas prints have the following advantages: They are surprisingly beautiful are affordable, they consist almost any color imaginable, they are very durable, they may take decades.

Giclee is a redefinition for the process of making artistic prints from a digital source using an ink-jet printing term. The word "Giclee" comes from the French word "le gicleur", "beak" or "dive, splash or spray". It was represented in 1991 by Jack Duganne, graphic designers who are affected in the area of ​​any digital Inkjet printing ink used as art. The intent of the name was to make a distinction that produced "Iris proofs" of an industry-known type of art prints, artists with the same types of inkjet printers. Giclee print on canvas is the process by which a close coat of a prototype artwork is made. This ensures that the finished product as the original will be so beautiful is ensured.

Another advantage of giclee canvas is that they are affordable. The main reason for the stamina that an abstract Giclee printing using fade-resistant inks and then overcoated with protective varnish for water protection and other kinds of damage occurs.

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