Canvas Prints Posters Canvas Prints VS Why Is Better?

Canvas Prints Posters Canvas Prints

For those who are probably a fan poster art and love largest photo exhibitions and other cherished memories that will start already thinking canvas print.

Many painters and other artists are not very happy with the canvas, of course, in some circles, because it offers a way for a beautiful artwork cheaper than a painting to have, but the screen still gets speed. To enable so many people who used to love posters authority as of screen printing.

But for people who have posters and other great works of art, such as the canvas to transform? Well, the cost is not really one of these problems, the posters still cost less than the screen to create a better quality product and materials are more expensive.

There is a sign for the same price you can find a screen printing. If you think about the different materials that make posters and canvas are used to, you'll see a big difference.

The canvas prints stretched around a rigid frame that can withstand many years of wear. The image is actually part of the silkscreen and therefore is not something that just placed the photo to save it.

The frames of the screen is very strong, mainly because the canvas is covered and extremely easy to stick. Take a look at the inks used on billboards and the colors used on canvas.

Since the paper does not last long anyway, printers will use are not very expensive colors that make the colors really pop and lines. Screen printers know that these are built hundreds of years and require using inks that last for so long and still look pretty.

Moreover, as a canvas print is complete, a special seal is placed on the screen to help keep it closed and protected. Posters are not. There is used requires long printed inks by UV rays is not durable, and is not fixed, as by moisture.

In fact, no one knows what happens when you get water into a poster - not a nice thing. However, you can actually run the water runs in a print screen and will not be destroyed.

If you take a good look at the screen resistance on paper posters it is easy to see why so many collectors are larger turn your favorite photos on canvas. Canvas will last hundreds of years, where your favorite posters is not, but take a few years at most.

Think about how to be the screen in color and creates extremely small areas of light and shadow in the image when printed on the surface. To change the viewing position this subtle change as you change the lighting, or simply move the screen around the room, to create a different look at me every time.

The texture itself creates a wonderful opportunity for the whole image "pop" off the screen and add to make a very unique look and friendful the picture. For those who made a poster for yourself or as a gift consider, examine the screen instead.

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