Create Canvas tag for Your HTML5 Browser Game

If you want to create an HTML5 browser game, the first thing you need to do to add the screen to your website. If you know HTML, then it should be pretty easy for you. However, to add the canvas tag is only the first step. Finally, we need to work with this screen to program our browser game. In this article you will learn how you can add the screen tags to your website and save the screen to a JavaScript variable.

Adding the screen tag to your website

If you are not very familiar with HTML, first what it means to write HTML and adds the screen day: The first thing to do is a plain text editor (not a word processor) such as Notepad open. To work with Notepad ++, but every text editor to work with. Therefore, you should put the document as HTML by adding <! DOCTYPE HTML> </ HTML>. Now you need to save the document as game.HTML, for example. </ Canvas>: Finally, within this body stickers we can write the major canvas label.

Defining the screen

So, we can work with the screen and start our game within Motion, we need a simple way to find it. Number So, all you need to write is now <= canvas id "canvas"> </ canvas>. The screen itself is a platform that runs using our game inside.

Save the screen to JavaScript

Games Programming with the HTML5 browser means writing a lot of JavaScript. JavaScript is actually done by an HTML document and research data so that the developer can then be changed. We do exactly the same with our screen. Fortunately, we give our canvas identity which makes it much easier for us to access JavaScript. Well, what we do in JavaScript is the code to tell you to look for an item with the id screen and save it to a JavaScript variable. Now we can start with the screen to work because Add me not only to our web page is stored in a JavaScript variable. Finally we can begin our coding browser game. We then control styles so they look like a real screen of the game.

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