Features of Gmail and Google Calendar Review

One of the great advantages of Google Apps that Google continuously improves on the lookout for ways of their products. Every week, from the early days of Google Apps, they have been improved and expanded what they offer.
Gmail and Google Calendar are only two applications that make a big difference in my business. If you want to know about new and old features in Gmail and Google Calendar, including the latest updates, read on.

Working with groups is very easy with Gmail and Google Calendar. For starters, there is the instant messaging service, where you can swing as easily between a group chat, voice and video chat.
When it comes to organizing a program for internal calls or conferences, you can use the Smart Scheduling, which can be found in the calendar Google Labs. This year, a new feature called «Slots commitment" planning meetings helped to facilitate. You block of time can be defined as a time for appointments offer they want.

Gmail will could, Big Mail «represent, because that's what it is. To start have 25GB of email storage, which means you never have to fill concern under your email. You have plenty of space and can have up to 25,000 contacts, yes, that's right, twenty-five thousand contacts under one roof!

Do not think that the message is a problem because the search function miracles. Priority Inbox is a clever feature, when learning models, how to use email. We'll see what emails you read and what to answer.
If you send an e-mail with the boss or your boss quite often, these and other important messages will be listed in the main list at the top of the list. This means that you need to better organize your inbox and save time and see addressing most important emails first.

Google allows you to view your e-mail on how you want to view. Some people like to talk to people in the same subjects are, as you can see in the forum, while others prefer a box for each message separately. Gmail offers the option to select how you want to display in your e-mail.

Make a driver reversed to send is another great feature. Google Apps is designed for businesses with fewer than 10 users. you will not get all the features of the corporate version, but you can get an idea of ​​how to run your business with Google Cloud.

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