How to feed and keep Healthy Goldfish?

How to feed and keep Healthy Goldfish? ~ To own a pet or get a new one is something that everyone wants to pet lovers. Pet owners are responsible for your pets to create gives a pet healthy and happy a home and a lifestyle close to their natural environment in the classroom.


A fish as a pet is very easy to care for and maintain it. You only need a small aquarium, much less cooking and cleaning. It only takes a small container with water and a little care and feeding.

A goldfish is the most common fish is kept as a pet. Many styles and types of goldfish are available everywhere. The care and nutritional needs of goldfish is a little different than other fish because it is thin and delicate. Below are some tips and suggestions healthy goldfish should be kept.

Goldfish Care:

To maintain healthy goldfish should be kept under conditions as their natural environment in a clean water tank. The water quantity and size aquarium tank depends on the type and number of goldfish. Water tanks must be cleaned regularly, the water should be filtered and no large stones should be placed as the goldfish, the stone has a habit of collecting and could get hurt doing.

To stay healthy goldfish should have small amounts of salts, such Mercurochrome Betadine and that will help protect the various goldfish diseases.

Feed your goldfish:

The most common cause of death is overfeed goldfish food or the wrong kind of food. Therefore, goldfish food should be very carefully and correctly. To stay healthy goldfish, you need to take into account the following points. Enter the time adjustment to your new home or tank before feeding the goldfish agree. Many types of brand fish food supplied from pet stores. They should be in flake form in order to obtain a good nutrient rich fish fish preferably.

To maintain healthy goldfish, you should not feed the fish too much or every two to three hours will only accumulate in the tank and contaminate the water. contaminated food or water, dissolved can cause many goldfish diseases.

One should choose a fixed time to feed the fish. Thus, the goldfish will develop a planned diet habit, and eat according to their needs at that time. to feed a goldfish good idea is to use a power ring that floats in water and goldfish can lead to food whenever you want. Feeding the same type of feed can cause diarrhea, constipation and other diseases nutritional deficiency among goldfish.

Feed them a variety of foods keep goldfish healthy, active and fresh and bright your color.

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