If To Spend in Mexico on Xcaret Day in Cancun Amazing Natural History Park

Mexico on Xcaret Day in Cancun Amazing Natural History Park

If you love nature and want to learn about the history of Mexico more, visit Xcaret, an hour south of Cancun. Before coming to the town of Playa del Carmen and worked as an illustrator for the company years lived, spent a lot of time, and it is amazing.

It is a combination of zoo, cage, butterfly garden, fun park (no excursions) and the Natural History Museum in the countryside and many more. Located in the Mexican jungle, you can board a bus on the main Cancun-Tulum road corridor and allow you through a lush jungle road in the park.

There is a large band, so they wait to spend all day there and use large amounts of sunscreen to avoid during burning. Hiking in the central Xcaret building the gift shop and diorama from the great Mayan ruins hold, you will see a snack area.

Sometimes there are entries in this building to take, which is the gateway to the park. Be sure to go to the gift shop, there are many beautiful items related to nature to sell. If you type the park itself, your feet in a labyrinth of exhibits and attractions weaving paths in a large part of the Mexican jungle.

There is an underground river cave where you can snorkel. It is surreal to be transported from the water through a real underground cave that runs around the park. Very relaxing. This is a great way to cool off as the hot sun can reach you even in the jungle.

There is a stable horse riding. The horses are beautiful creatures of Spanish origin, with long mane and elegant stature. If you want to climb on the beach, independently, forget it. They follow each other in a row every day, so they are trained only to ride horses.

Both the zoo and the cage are beautiful animals that are native to the Yucatan Peninsula, such as Jaguar, flamingos, parrots of many sizes and colors, an apricot, monkey spider and many more. All the animals in the park are well maintained.

Many live in a very complex natural environment. Jaguars are made on an island, separated by tourists from a deep ravine. You can see to avoid, without fear, how they live their lives without bars. It is a beautiful and enchanting landscape.

The lagoon is a picturesque area from which you can dive into the Caribbean, where you can snorkel with dolphins. There are hammocks for rest, for those who do not care to swim.

This area is so colorful, with deep blue-green waters of the sea, flowers and palm trees around. It's really a complete tropical experience. Stop and take a break there.

In the amphitheater, it is worth some performances. These actors, dancers and musicians put all their heart and soul on their performances. For example, they had a showcase of Mexico's various regional dances, along with typical costumes for each region.

It was impressive. They have on various subjects, sent in the evening performances to illuminate the whole night effect. It's all a very fun and educational family.

If in the park, be sure to stop by the numerous restaurants and snack areas. If you want top quality service, try the restaurant by the sea, countryside and excellent food.

Be sure to check out all the sights and points exposures. You can go with a better understanding and appreciation of the Yucatan Peninsula, its history and nature.

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