Introduction to Canvas Embroidery Reviews

To select the display is to design a sewing project one of the most important aspects. As described in the previous article includes the selection of the five basic types of stitches, another important decision of the article or articles used in the game. Obviously the more detailed work, the finer the display window.

There are a few different canvas types to choose from. They comprise a display (also known as canvas mono known), dual display (also known as Penelope Leinwand), mat screen and plastic canvas. All canvas is the number of rows or the number of holes (mesh) of an inch measured. If there are 10 holes in a customs cooperation with 10 mesh screen.

Single-layer (also known as Mono canvas known):

Single screen was often made from hemp or linen thread. Bag today can (nylon, etc.) prepared from cotton or synthetic mono screen consists of a single thread knitted fabric. Mono display is a variety of available tools.

There are two types one screen - simple mono canvas and interlock mono canvas. These two display types differ only built in each.

Mono conducted just by simple crossing of two wires (longitudinal and transverse). Interlock Mono Canvas is by twisting two thin lines in the other longitudinal line and "lock" it queres in a single thread. This creates a more stable display and of course more expensive.

Twin (Penelope)

Penelope Leinwand was often made from hemp or linen thread. The display can now be carried cotton or synthetic fibers (nylon, etc.). Penelope lona consists of a double loop are double vertical and horizontal lines. This makes running a very durable canvas.

Penelope display is in a range of measures. The caliber of this screen is documented different mono display. The first number is the smallest number, and refers to the number of double stitches per inch. The second number is the largest number, and refers to the number of stitches per inch that the filaments separated from each other. These numbers are important if you work with different types of signs.

When working with different types of points, Penelope screen is valuable because it can be set to any size you need for each item. You can work in one place, as it is with double mesh and then you separate the pairs of segments and form only four flat knitting, you can work four small points. This screen works well for perfectly stitched areas.

Canvas carpet:

Rug canvas is usually made of a thick strong cotton thread. A canvas rug is available in two sizes - 3.3 and Eye 5. 5 is obviously better for more detailed work.

Plastic Canvas:

The hard plastic sheet is a bag used for small designs such as roller coasters in general. Plastic canvas is an excellent choice for beginners who want to practice various points.

These are the types of display available for embroidery. Some of the smaller items are work clothes for embroidery. Plucking and other strong cloth material is also an excellent choice.

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