Living Nature with Xcaret Mexico

Living Nature with Xcaret Mexico Reviews

Want to get closer to nature? Want to have a lifetime experience? Xcaret Mexico is an ecological park very close to Playa del Carmen. Known as the "Sacred Nature Paradise", Xcaret Mexico has beautiful beaches, underground rivers, archaeological ruins, a wild bird cage with 37 species of birds, a farm of local wildlife, the Coral Reef Aquarium and many more.

Imagine the white sands of the Caribbean hiking, swim in the soft and crystal clear waters of the bay and feel the hot Mexican sun on your skin. You can also find excellent bars and snack bars, which will be the perfect treat for your well-deserved rest.

The sea, the sand and the beautiful Xcaret views will feel close to nature in peace. The Attraction River Rivers U Xcaret Mexico invites you to crystal clear waters and admire this ancient creation of Mexican Nature to explore.
Dare to discover and enjoy a unique experience in the world. Discover the Cancun reefs and underground rivers are part of the Xcaret Mexico experience.
Is one of the remarkable activities that are available "snuba" is called, a new sport, immersion technique, with the freedom of diving at 6 meters (20 feet) depth is combined. Enjoy the convenience of leaving your tank with 80 cubic feet of air in a raft that floats on you.
Breath possible is connected via a regulator to the tank, and the rest of the equipment consists of a mask, fins and weighted band performs neutral flotation allow. You can use coral reef patches to explore a variety of collective activity of the fish that live in these Cancun ecosystems in Mexico.

In the Valley of Flavors, you can hear the call of pre-Hispanic drums and the notes of ocarinas, bells and shells. The priests and Mayan warriors, wrapped in the incense smoke to announce a cultural and historical excursion to Grand Tlachco, the grand theater of 6000 people.
Accompanied by the song of the musical instruments, open the Mayan children the performance in the chorus sing an ancient myth. It is better to wear camcorders and several batteries.

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