Manage Your Life with Microsoft Outlook, You Google and a Smartphone

These three tools can help you manage your busy life and your work in a big way. Microsoft Outlook has features such as calendar, along with your e-mail list and the usual contacts. Google has Gmail with Google calendar and a monitoring application called Latitude. After all, your phone has a calendar, GPS and applications can install. Prospects for beginners is a great email application. Has E-mail resources and take, inter alia, to synthesize, has a built-in calendar. Outlook is a single e-mail and scheduling office basics.

Google has many interesting programs to its limits, but those who will use your Gmail, Google Calendar, the Sync Outlook and Google Latitude. Gmail is an email service on the Internet in about 7 gigabytes of storage space. Google Calendar is a date book in which many of the same features that will appear in Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook Sync is a program to update Google calendar with Outlook calendar and vice versa, the Outlook calendar with Google calendar. Finally, the Latitude is an application that you can install on your mobile phone that uses your GPS to track the phone and therefore you, its location, and send to Google.

Smartphones have the ability to have internet all day, which makes them accessible to receive and impart information in real time. Finally, they are equipped with a calendar that will be similar in function to the Outlook calendar.

1. Create a Gmail account. If you do not use, do not worry Gmail as your primary email application. Original Open your e-mail client and send an e-mail to your new account Gmail.

2. Sign in to Google Calendar, which were available when recording in Gmail.

3. Install Outlook Sync Manager on your computer. Once installed, the Sync Manager to go ahead and enter the e-mail your credentials to complete the installation.

4. Install the Gmail app smartphone. This is the smartphone enter the Gmail icon to check your e-mails and alerts you to new messages. You will probably want to put this icon on the home page of the phone for easy access. After installation, you can enter your credentials received emails to start.

5. Install Google Maps on your smartphone. This program comes with Google Maps and Latitude. After installation is complete, open the application. And choose to join the Latitude menu.

After these steps you should be on your way to a more simple method of e-mail, calendar and let loved ones and friends anywhere. Using your phone, you now have the ability to send e-mail at any time of the day and take. You can also schedule an appointment on the phone and sent to Google Calendar, so that others are reading in your family. Meanwhile, the location is sent to Google, so that one can see the list of Google Latitude now friends have added your site.Working with the computer, you can add the Google Latitude application on your website Any commitments made in Outlook are automatically updated to your phone. Just like all the obligations to be automatically updated in Microsoft Outlook on your phone.


Now you can stay connected with family and friends in touch if you are traveling or at home. If automatic syncing calendar is used, it is easier to plan your day and see what others have in store.

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