Schedule online with Google Sync

Schedule online with Google Sync ~ With Google Calendar, it will be very useful to organize their schedules for users. Now you will not forget, called your important information, like Google Calendar in his life, to make it smoother. With Google Calendar allows you to easily keep track of all the important events in your workplace or at home.

How Google Calendar Help?

You need to create a Google Calendar account homepage. A valid email id is enough to create an account. So if you already have a valid Gmail ID, so you can access with your Google Calendar without registration. After registration, you can start programming the data in the calendar. If the date of the event arrives, you will receive a notification in Gmail ID in advance and receive a notification when you receive your inbox controlled. You can normalize alerts on your mobile phone as an SMS message. After entering your phone number, you will receive a confirmation code by SMS to the above number. You must confirm by typing in the configuration page with this code. Once the code is checked, your phone number will be activated and you will receive reminders on your phone.

You can view your Google Calendar in read-only version, even if you are offline or in an emergency situation when no access within walking distance to the Internet. Your calendar is available other than the default connection. For more information, you can edit or calendar settings page to make changes by selecting the category of «off-line».

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