The Embroidery Canvas is not all the same

Canvas embroidery are available in various shapes and sizes. Needle embroidery is made from cotton and woven into a mesh configuration. For example, a screen with holes 18 for the task are called «Screen 18 mesh screen" and a 12 holes per inch screen is «12 mesh» or «12-gauge" known. The higher the number, the smaller the holes!

Cotton canvas needle can be washed in water, but you must be careful that the wires sewed the canvas do not go to "Run." Most problems today are colorfast, but an endurance test before washing drop a stitched fabric.

There are four basic types of screen of needles:

Mono canvas embroidery

Is a unitary matrix, i.e., are woven with a single thread. Mono sewing canvas is a good choice for stitching, which are used as furniture such as chair cushions. The mono canvas is "given" to break the joints held under stress. This type of display comes in a variety of sizes of 7 mesh sufficient for the needle tip to 18 mesh.

Interlock canvas needle

This is also a display needle thread but linked together at the joints - is like a thread sees through the middle of another where intersect. Not as easy as mono canvas, because these draw safe crossings, and so it is to use a good screen for irregular needle projects. Most sets of the needle is in the lock screen printing. Interlock screen is available in most mesh sizes for needlepoint - 10-18 gauge.

Penelope canvas embroidery

This is a dual screen display, which makes a strong choice and the best choice for furniture and projects that get a lot of wear. The other useful thing for Penelope Jonah you can sew all holes selected (this is called petit point) or you can sew only the large holes (point Gros). Most stitchers stitch a Penelope Leinwand do both - sew small holes for small and detailed areas of work and a large holes with a thicker wire to the ground. Is widely prevalent only in size 10/20 - meaning 10 holes in inch, if only compute the large holes (point Gros) or 20 holes in inch, if you are any holes (satin stitch) to measure.

Plastic canvas embroidery

This is a rigid mesh sieve made of plastic. Unlike other screens needles, plastic canvas is a widespread craft stores.

Blank canvas needle is not available everywhere, and it is unlikely to find in a 'big box' craft store. Acrylic blank screen is usually available only from the needle stores or online. However, the good thing is that these retailers will be leading experts needle and thus be able to help choose the right product and parts for your project.

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