The two-way synchronization with Google Calendar

The two-way synchronization with Google Calendar ~ The Microsoft Outlook calendar, is by default on most computers sync with the main Google Calendar. Once this synchronization is complete selected events in a calendar automatically changes visible both. This process is known as two-way sync with Google Calendar.

This process synchronizes two computer applications, so all is necessary in all the changes made and displayed in the same way in another application. If a single incident suffered more than one change, all changes are visible in both applications. If you make many changes to an event to a calendar, the latest updates on the other hand appears with the same changes to the previous application.

Similarly, 2-way sync with Google calendar application does not allow a user does not delete a specific event from both applications from a computer. When you delete an event in Microsoft Outlook Calendar, the same event will be automatically deleted by another calendar as well. available from the three synchronization options in two calendar this method is the most important. Unlike the previous two, can be done to add significant updates and changes effectively in one of the applications and allows it to be effective and visible. This facilitates the efforts used to make the same changes in Microsoft Outlook and Google.

Even if synchronization with Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook calendar and one-way sync with Microsoft Outlook Calendar Google Calendar, this feature is not possible. In the first case, any changes made in Microsoft Outlook Calendar, should not be reflected on another calendar, while the changes made in Google Calendar will not be reflected in Microsoft Outlook Calendar, in the second case.

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