The Xiaomi AMAZFIT SmartWatch Has Five Days Long Battery Life

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT SmartWatch

Intelligent clock AMAZFIT Xiaomi is the first GPS 28 nanometers in the world. If enabled GPS detection and heart rate, they can for 35 hours of continuous operation.

In terms of configuration, comes with 1.3 inch display with 320x300 resolution. And that is clocked dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz. Furthermore, having 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage.

Integrated 280mAh rechargeable battery has five days battery strength. More importantly, it is the first GPS 28 nanometers in the world and supports more GLONASS dual-GPS Location-way, real-time GPS tracking.

Apart from that heart rate training supports monitoring, weather imagery, fast Alipay payment, Bluetooth 4.0 and waterproof IP67.

In terms of features of this smart watch Xiaomi, advanced materials increases production.

First, using the ceramic bezel scratch resistant. The hardness of the ceramic is weaker than sapphire and diamond.

Secondly, it provides a two-color bracelet 22 mm by welding properties and rapid release.

Third, capacity waterproof IP67, use is allowed if you take a shower.

The AMAZFIT Xiaomi proprietary algorithm uses heart rate 2.0, which can be completed in real-time detection of changes in heart rate during exercise. And this technology has been filed for worldwide patent.

This new product is in line with the habits of ordinary people on the use of smart watches.

Second, it allows anti-lock key accidentally.

Third, support Alipay quick payment.

Fourth, most intelligent alerts include calls time and promotion information.

In short, the Xiaomi AMAZFIT smart watch is an excellent product that they want to work for those who are fit. More importantly, the self-developed 2.0 heart rate algorithm providing a good user experience.

If you want this smart watch, you can have a try!

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