Tips to connect Google Calendar for Your Phone

Connecting Google Calendar for Your Phone ~ You know that you can do in Google Calendar on your Android phone; Since you do not always feel in your computer, you may want to get your calendar, you can not do it from your computer. There are some ways to sync Google Calendar with your Android phone if you have an advanced smart phone or a desktop phone "silent."

Sync with Android phones. If you have an Android phone, then it is easy. Android works seamlessly with Google Calendar; You need only register directly on your Android device to your Google account and automatically adjusts your phone's calendar with Google Calendar to sync. Any cases that you add from your Android automatically synchronizes with the wireless GCal.

If you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, the ZTE Blade V880 or Windows Mobile, sync with Google Calendar on your phone calendar is easy if you use the free Google Mobile Sync tool for your specific phone. Add events via SMS. They have a modern smartphone; No problem, you can event notifications, add events, or even check you get your calendar from any device that supports SMS messages.

Open Google Calendar settings and then connect your phone to your GCal. Select Settings, Calendar Settings, the configuration of the cells and follow the instructions from Google to the phone authentication. Once your phone number is authenticated, GCal will send event notifications via email or SMS.

You can also include an SMS reminder for default of their notification systems, you always get notifications for various future events, rather than where you are, if you have made your phone.

After administration of your phone number in your GCal account, you can check your schedule, including the creation of new events of the text message to the number GVENT (48368) Send calendar. For example, if you need the current program text only "day" and send a GVENT.

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