Tips To Decorate With Silk Screen Printing

Prints and artwork canvas must be decorated as a good way to become more popular at home or in the office. Striped canvases create an art galley effect such as jump prints on the wall and create an extraordinary depth grasp and visual enjoyment.

Is the room large, narrow or too high?

These are indications that the guy can help art canvas to determine the color and scale of a room supplement.

Understanding the psychology of neutral and vivid colors:


Neutral colors are soothing, while intense colors bring enthusiasm and action to a room.

Landscape art opens small spaces:

The sunsets, landscapes and canvas art shows distant horizons is a great way for the optics to open up a smaller space.

Print size should be dependent on wall size:

It is better to choose smaller silkscreens for narrow walls and larger silkscreens for large walls and rooms. A great impression on a small wall gives the impression that the overwhelming feeling and room seems smaller, while a small silk screen on a large wall of the room feel empty and makes it disproportionate.

Selecting Canvas Print should be based on expected mobile pairs:

The theme and size of your canvas print should be on the copy the page or hanging drawing based. If wall art is hung on a piece of furniture, the print size must not be larger than the width of the furniture.
For example, copies of flowers and the art of nature for a simple room combine abstract art prints and grunge perfect with contemporary furnishings, the art of wine and kitchen replicas are wonderful for traditional cuisine as well as replicas of famous landmarks They look fantastic in every room!

Choosing the Best Canvas Print for You Depends How You Use Your Art Canvas:

Some of the most popular types of screen printing are standard package, gallery wrapped, black sides and triptych.

• Packaging Standard:

Includes the printed image on the sides of the shelves, which is typically 0.75 inches deep, resulting in printing the image on the printed side of the product. The result is that the printed image is visible from all angles.

• Wrap Gallery:

The image printed art includes the side printer bars, similar to the standard package. However, canvas prints are thicker (typically 1.50 inches), resulting in a kind of art gallery effect with greater perspective depth.

• Standard black pages:

The size and overall depth are the same as the standard package, but the image is not stretched sideways. Instead, the entire printed part of the image is before, during the pages are printed in black.
This option is ideal to frame a canvas print (because the width of the standard black side is usually the standard size tables), or if you prefer the sleek appearance of black on the sides. This option is perfect if the image loses wrapped basic issues, or when the black sides increase the silk screen printing as it prints in black and white.

• Triptych:

a large image is divided into thirds and printed in three separate prints that are side by side hung.

Roof and shelves are great ways to display art:

Canvas prints do not have furniture should be hung on its own or on a wall. Capes and art shelves are also a great way to present art. Typically, these prints are a similar pattern pattern or pattern for a particular theme to share, but unlike the triptych, each print is unique.

• Vertical agreements:

Set canvas in a vertical line increases the sense of height in a room.

• Horizontal agreements:

Hanging wall art in a horizontal line can give the illusion of width in a narrow space and tends to be reassuring.

• Screen settings Size:

Diagonal, hanging like diagonal from a staircase, Excitement add a composition.

Decorate a single number of impressions by using:

Selecting an unnecessary number of impressions helps create an attractive symmetric design with central and regional contact points, but it is important that art is balanced, wall size and space to fit.
In many cases, a large canvas print is large enough to lure a room and cover a wall. However, if a single impression is not large enough for a large wall, or if you like the appearance of many wall prints and choose to hang 3 or 5 medium or small prints.

• Purpose Room:

When people are usually in a room, then you hang a 65 cm print from the ground. If people but usually are in the room with an office or dining room sitting then hanging, so that you can enjoy a little smaller, a smaller viewing angle the impression.

• Guidelines and print size:

If you have stuck a vertical high-resolution print, print position so that the upper part of the 1/3 of the image at eye level.

• Children's Wall Art:

Canvas print height should be applied and the children's bedroom reduced decorate so that the image hangs closer to the child's eye height.

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