Two-way sync with Google Calendar makes work easier

Two-way sync with Google Calendar makes work easier ~ Be organized when it comes to contacts, phonebook and calendar to your phone is now easier with two-way synchronization with Google Calendar. to synchronize your phone, the benefits of Google Calendar to get not only their calendars to be synchronized in two ways, but will have access to their calendars must go through the Internet anything unusual about your hardware.

Google Sync has different features depending on the mobile device that you own. The Google Sync is a beta service, so you should know your limits. On most devices, the Google Sync uses the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol. When you create a new active account on your device, existing data from the phone can be removed. so be sure to back up before you set up two ways to sync with Google Calendar.

If you want to synchronize your calendar, you must first load all calendar on Google. Of course, you need a Google account to access Google Calendar. If you use an iPhone and want to sync the iPhone calendar and Google, the first thing to do, of course, follow the instructions from Google on your iPhone, the launch of Safari and go to sync - do not forget the language to English (US) to choose, can not work in other languages. Control and then select representatives who want to add to your iPhone calendar. The color calendar will automatically be selected in the following order: red, orange, blue, green, purple. Get the address book and calendar to a new phone is so simple as rebuilt synchronization.

IPhone, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device user, you can synchronize your contacts and calendar, or just one of them. For devices that support the open SyncML protocol to synchronize your Google Sync contacts, but not your calendar.

Try two-way synchronization with Google Calendar Visit refer to the help centers and revisions to the device makes for specific instructions to avoid problems and so everything runs smoothly.

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