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VPN Services for Network Reviews

VPN means Virtual Private Network and is a technology that creates an encrypted secure connection to a less secure network such as the Internet. It uses the Internet to transfer data.

Many of these networks can be created with different systems, integrated encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users access the network and the information can not be intercepted by others. It's like a tunnel for transferring data between an integrated network, say, an organization and a remote user. Hide your data and your IP address.

VPN protocols

The main VPN protocols are:

IPSec - Developed by Engineering Task Force Internet to protect the exchange of data in the IP layer.

Widely used to create VPNs

PPTP - Tunneling Point Protocol jointly by Microsoft, US Robotics and several providers of remote access VPNs designed for point.

It is now obsolete due to security concerns

L2TP - Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is an extension of PPP (PPP connection between two nodes Establish or computer)

L2TP ISPs VPNs can operate

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer now often used, which can be used with a standard browser on the Web.

VPN benefits:

· Safety and prevention of data theft

· Without censoring Internet access

· Site capacity Unlock

· Keep data tracker keep your browsing history off

· Supports popular protocol P2P such as BitTorrent

VPN disadvantages:

VPN slow down your internet. Factors that affect the speed, the number of people using the VPN and geographical location.

Used individually - Consumers using your VPN service or tunnel to protect your identity and online activities. The VPN is widely used by users of BitTorrent.

Companies used to communicate the secret video, voice and data over a public network. VPNs help to connect branch offices worldwide. Companies use or VPDN, which helps in a corporate network LAN via telephone or site-to-VPN web-link where dedicated hardware is also used to connect multiple LAN sites of the company.

How many countries support VPNs?

114 countries in the world have VPN networks.

What is VPN for free?

VPN is that it costs nothing ahead. Most VPN services offer that is considered outdated only PPTP. Bandwidth must be purchased can offer paid VPN services, which use their profits to buy more bandwidth.

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