Working with 2 ways Sync with Google Calendar

Working with 2 ways Sync with Google Calendar ~ The 2ways sync with Google Calendar, you can add Google Calendar for iPhone and vice versa. To create my account, such as mobile and use other services, such as Spanning Sync to create.

The steps to activate

It has now become very easy to your Google Calendar with your iPhone, set up step by step to 2ways given Sync with Google Calendar below for your convenience. First, you must log into your Google Account. Click the Setup icon and scroll down and select E-mail> Contacts and select Calendar. Select Add account and select Gmail. It will open a page, some details like name, asked Google Account address, a password and a description. After completing the form, click the Next button in the upper right corner of the page. The system will check the level of detail presents himself and takes place on a different page.

By default, e-mail and calendar and notes are disabled. To activate 2ways sync with the calendar, you must activate it. If you already have a calendar on your iPhone, the system will ask you if you want to keep this calendar or trying to replace Google. Choose what's right for you. Click the Save button in the upper right corner. Take time for your phone depending on the numbers you've chosen to download.

Work process

Two-way sync means that any changes to make your Google calendar will change on your phone. The update frequency of the high 2ways synchronization tool depends on your touch / Receive settings to email, contacts, and on the screen.

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