10 Why Android OS is better than Symbian and iOS?

Android app development is the process of creating new apps for the Android operating system. Applications are usually in Java using the Android software development kit. Developed over the past few years, about 200,000 Android applications have been developed by developers to use by customers to make the most of Android smartphones with greater capabilities. The development of Android has led to the development of new applications that customers for their daily purpose by companies can use the activities of households processing. Since 2010, Android is the top smartphone platform for users compared to Symbian and IOS.

Android OS is better than Symbian and iOS in many ways.

1. Enhanced user interface

Unlike the iPhone OS, the Android user interface has been created and constantly improving over the years. With Android 4.0, Google has the user interface much more innovative and stylish. The basic operating system is also easier to navigate to make the navigation key for the user of the phone. Unlike the iPhone with a single navigation key (Home key), Android phones have, so the Android user interface is easier to use a better return buttons, menu and multitasking.

2. Processor speed

Android is faster and better than Symbian and iOS because of the speed of the processor. Android runs on dual-core processors that add many applications at high speed.

3. High-speed Internet

If the default Android browser with Symbian and iOS comparison also wins Android than other browsers with complex algorithms is that slow Spreed Internet.

4. Other applications

Android has been developed by the Google giant, which supports almost 500,000 apps, Symbian instead developed by Nokia, which is built into limited applications because it makes dependent Nokia. Android offers the Google Calendar experience, Google Earth, Google Voice, Google Translate, Blogger and Chrome. By increasing the market of applications in the market, Android comes with the perfect combination of these applications to serve users. Symbian and iOS have limited applications that restrict their use.

5. Change the firmware

With the Symbian operating system, you can never change the firmware but the Android operating system you can change whenever you want and easy to install the updates you can use for more applications.

6. Various display keyboards

On Android, you can change the screen keyboards in the way you disconnect and easy to install Bread for Honeycomb on Froyo and Swype.

7. Multi-task System

Android apps with the structure, including things like access phone system to share and receive data and messages provides all the API keys. Symbian and iOS do not offer system multitasking.

8. Largest fan base

Android has many fantastic fan base embedded with Google services, while Symbian and iOS are no longer fan base.

9. Live apps and widgets

The Android operating system runs on Linux, it shows the big things as virtual memory and energy management. Andros designed with rich content and customizable, users can pass the content of live apps through interactive widgets. This also helps to store more data from Symbian and iOS.

10. Kit Developer

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