Different Bacteria in Your Lake

Different Bacteria in Your Lake ~ Admit it, the idea of ​​bacteria on the lake sends you a shiver in the spine with. Having bacteria in your pond is inevitable. So what you really need to do is the amount of bad bacteria is minimizing and maximizing good bacteria in your lake, then a lake can take care of its own ecosystem. It is easier to maintain if their lakes are inhabited with good bacteria.

Two of the different bacteria are anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria. You can easily find these bacteria are present, warning. Once you realize that your pond smells a bit stale, it means that anaerobic bacteria are at work. It's the time processing of things in your lake. Anaerobic bacteria such as stagnant water or poorly oxygenated water reside. Anaerobic bacteria do the opposite of doing aerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria pour slowly the waste products that cause more ammonia to more hydrogen sulfide in our water and worse. If anaerobic bacteria actively dominate, it will be very easy, because the smell of damaged eggs and lagoon to observe the quality, is dramatically reduced. The increased mortality of the fish in our lake.

Aerobic bacteria, on the other hand, need oxygen effectively and of course to keep our clean water resources. It will act on fish waste, food waste, dead leaves, fertilizer in our lakes dripping. If you have a stable level or aerobic bacteria, you have a better chance in a healthy pond. These are the bacteria that should not be affected because they are called beneficial bacteria. We have to ensure that it maintains good ventilation and circulation of the constant level of oxygen in our lake. In addition, from time to time we have to apply some benétricas bacteria packed a good level of bacteria to keep in our pond. Aerobic bacteria quickly to keep the balance in our lake work and do not produce toxic by-products or sour smell.

As much as possible to avoid doing things that invite more unwanted bacteria to your lake. Keep your oxygenated lake well, do not feed your fish and throw debris in your pond, it will not be difficult to keep your aerobic bacteria, the cleanliness of the lake.

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