Direct and Indirect Immunosuppressive Properties of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent plant well-known for producing a thin, clear gel-like substance that provides soothing relief for common skin irritation. But another substance, such as aloe latex is known, can also be taken from the skin of the inner disk. Aloe vera products include aloe gels, lotions and soaps, which can be applied locally to cuts, scratches, burns or insect bites for gentle relief. Aloe vera supplements are also available in both liquid and capsules.

Aloe vera is celebrated with "healing of plants". It is the plant most used for skin applications in its history, with natural healing and regeneration to help the skin. Aloe Vera is part of an evergreen perennial plant of less lily family. Aloe gel is a gel obtained gelling division open the center of sweet skin leaves of Aloe vera Pflanze. It is this gel in the leaves, life aloe vera is that in many nutrients and water is rich. The inner core leaf gel is rich in polysaccharides and other glucomannan.

Aloe Vera has been recognized for centuries for its remarkable health-improving properties. There is food and supplies vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Accelerates wound healing by increasing cell proliferation. Analyzes and digests dead tissue, including acne. This anesthesia tissue pain associated with joints and muscle pain. It is anti-infection and helps in digestion. Accelerates healing, tensile strength, and repair damaged skin. It also maintains moisture and increased flexibility in delaying aging.

Aloe anti-cancer activity indicates that its effect by stimulating white blood cells is to clear the immune system. Research has shown that aloe vera prevents suppression of the immune system of the skin. Such findings, scientists on the immunological properties led to believe, to be improved through Aloe Vera Pflanze. It is deduced from these experiences that Aloe Vera is directly processed to protect organically and indirectly immunologically. It has been found that aloe contains the following indirect immunological properties:It also helps digestion and cleansing cleansing. These features support the immune system is able to be better, work, get some of the weight away from it and improve food intake, but these are not the properties of Aloe that "directly" to improve the function Of the immune system.

Improve the immediate immunological properties of aloe vera directly affect the functioning of the immune system. A fresh alfera Vera Pflanze is unique because it contains the full spectrum of all polysaccharide sizes and is the most concentrated source of the largest known beta-linked glucomannans (also known as acemannan, mucopolysaccharides polymannose acetylated, MPS, alpha polysaccharides). These complexes and complex polysaccharides, very complex, found in fresh aloe, are responsible for their profound and direct immune properties through scientific research. It is this property that is able to stimulate macrophages that increase this deep immune polysaccharide in any way because macrophages are the basic immune system cells that regulate the function of the entire immune system. Macrophages have a variety of functions, foreign bodies and growth-promoting agent including sink (which stimulates tissue production). It also simulates the cells and all the functions of the whole immune system and repair including modification of the immune system, which is the regulation of the immune response (this stimulation and transform it out). It is also responsible for the inflammatory process being regulated (increasing or decreasing), releasing factors that tell the cells of the immune system to go and release agents that stimulate other immune cells to release their antibodies when and where needed. It has recently been discovered that aloe is the most concentrated source of mucopolysaccharide plant is (beta-glucomannan).

There is no doubt that aloe is used in many cosmetic products, soap is one of them. Aloe Vera Seife contains all its direct and indirect immune properties. These soaps rejuvenate skin avoidance and infections. Dermatologists from around the world have accepted the quality of these soaps and suggested to their clients.

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