Does Your Car have these Basic Safety Features?

Does Your Car have these Basic Safety Features? ~ Here are some of the key safety features that your car should have.


Even the less expensive cars these days have at least two front airbags. In case of high-speed or high-impact collisions, the airbags are only seconds of safety belts to save the lives of front seat occupants. The latest technologies in the automotive industry include windscreen use to protect a pedestrian, which can reach airbags by road.

Camera backup

The screen of the panel what's behind the car comes in so you can put your car on the reverse. Some backup cameras include route lines and distance values ​​to help you navigate, but most importantly, this technology prevents you from accidentally running someone else (there are cases where a father supports a large SUV with his own child Your own garage), The National Road Safety Administration (NHTSA) is back-up cameras mandatory on all vehicles from year 2018a.

Fatigue Detection System

Speed ​​Drift Drivers pose a risk to themselves and others on the road. New vehicle technologies detect irregular driving, such as sudden deceleration or displacement, and warn the driver with an audible or visual signal. This safety feature is particularly important for people who spend many hours alone on the road as a truck driver. More expensive passenger car models are able to locate a driving pattern profile of a normal driver and quickly any deviation from the original value to factor for external factors such as road surface and side winds.

Child lock

Parents of adolescent drivers may be a little easier if the new drivers are to head out of the door with the keys of the car in his hand. Parental control technology for the safety of motor vehicles allows parents to set limits on vehicle speed and volume. The GPS tracking vehicle allows parents to monitor the vehicle in real time.

Blind spot detector

If you have already begun to change lane but pushed back to the track because a car was in its blind spot, it will be called the value of a new technology you know a spotted spot finder. This function provides an audible or visual warning when there is a car in the driver's blind spot. Some systems can also detect cyclists and pedestrians outside the driver's field of view.

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