Everything You need to know about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is all the rage and people are absolutely crazy about them. In fact, he managed the game to break all records and completed the download charts. To ask what the game is? The game includes players on the way to catch the characters from various Pokemon. Use the game on your GPS mobile and create a watch for the status of the Pokémon to follow. If you are interested in getting lost everything about this game that has taken the world of the game by the storm read here and are interested in the exciting world of its Pokémens:

Overview Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is that you can find through the streets and other places to get out of the Pokemon allows for a real-time adventure game. Your goal is to chase the Pokémon and the train while you are on the road. How are you with the AR resource or real-time monitoring, using Pokémon's main camera screen. Interestingly, the screen so you feel right ahead. When you see dry leaves, for example, that means clearly that a rare Pokémon is somewhere near. Now the small protrusion on the left side of the phone is the screen is a guide to the Pokémon within walking distance. Then you have to play with Pokeballs prank.

Competition with other players

One of the best things about the game that there are in many Pokémon. So you can always help a friend or a stranger to locate your Pokémon without losing your chances of winning. Simply put, gathering no differences related to Pokemon in the game and usually people instead of creating any kind of rivalry.

About Pokestops

Pokestops lucky dips for designated trainer. These are usually the holy places you wanted to visit the church, the statue, plaque, etc. You will receive Pokemon fillets from these places, such as snacks, Pokeballs means for the injured Pokémon battle, and many others like that. You should touch the concentric circles, center and rotate to preserve their prey.

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