How many Bacteria are Safe in My Stomach?

Bacteria of the stomach is not an issue we like to talk about, but these problems are far more important than many people realize. They actually cause bacteria or germs that have stomach ulcers and are also responsible for a large part of stomach cancer. For the first time, scientists have found that Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) has lived in the mouth of people who do not have the stomach marks.

The bacteria are divided into two main categories: good bacteria and bad bacteria; Harmful bacteria are known as pathogenic bacteria. They compete with good bacteria, both habitat and food. Pathogenic bacteria usually gain the reward of good bacteria. But it can also release a toxic substance in the system that can cause the death of many friendly bacteria.

But this is not the only problem that harmful bacteria can cause. It is known that when the toxic substances released into the system, they make their way into the intestine and can destroy what various other diseases of the body parts damage. If the intake of good bacteria over time in the autumn, and if the foot in the event is related to toxins and stress has been exposed, or in antibiotics, proposes the balance to a great extent in favor of their bad bacteria destructive work to do to it Stomach and intestines.

Many people do not know that the mouth is home to over 600 different kinds of bacteria that can cause some systemic ailments. H. pylori has recently been shown to be the cause of stomach ulcer and is responsible for a large proportion of gastric cancer. Scientists estimate that bacteria are between 20% and 80% of people in the developed world and over 90% of people wearing in developing countries. This can be a way to get high mortality in developing countries and the high demands on health services in Western countries to explain.

The body needs good bacteria to function properly, then test all the bad bacteria also reduce the level of good bacteria in the body to be removed. So it's all depends on the type of bacteria that has the largest body population. Many bad bacteria, and you will have health problems; An optimal level of good bacteria ensures the proper functioning of body organisms.

One of the negative effects of colon cleansing is that there are all kinds of bacteria vectors away as well as bad. But a cleansing of the colon is clearly beneficial to health. Through the good bacteria with the new good bacteria away and need to be replaced. This is done with appropriate quantities of suitable foods containing good bacteria such as cheese and other dairy products.

The website in the resource box will make this information available because it does not intend to promote any form of colon cleansing but provides factual information about this full treatment update on which you can base your final decision.

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