The Holy Maya Travels Travesia Sagrada

The Holy Maya Travels Travesia Sagrada Reviews

Normally tourist partner Playa del Carmen and the nearby towns of Cozumel and Tulum with the sun and sand. The area was part of the Mayan civilization and is a treasure for those of ancient civilizations and exotic is fascinated.

The art and cultural scene flourishes in Playa del Carmen and offers many opportunities for tourists to take a look at Mexican culture. One of these glorious festivals is the Mayan sanctuary trip that will take place in Xcaret.

The event aims at the ancient Mayan tradition, the brave young man uses to get on the island of Cozumel to cross the ocean into their canoe to worship the goddess Ixchel. At Xcaret Park, celebratory events begin.

More than 300 Mexican artists present the folklore and the incredibly rich music of the region. Guests will also experience the old Mayan style to buy traditional Mayan shops in Maya.

Extensive ceremonies will take place in the worship of the goddess Ixchel. The following day, the local race leaders and Ppole Bataoobs as blessing ceremony High Commander and firing pad perform well known to cross the ocean to Cozumel.
The rowers will lead the offer of the people, the goddess to the ancient sanctuary at Cutzamil, Cozumel. To welcome the rowers after arriving on the island, children, young and old dancing.
They also perform dances of death and new fire in front of the sanctuary and depart for Xamanhá-Playa del Carmen to begin a visit to a new age. This time Xcaret, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are all dressed in white to celebrate the celebration of a new era on the 6th day of Saints Maya.

If you are planning a vacation, then this is the perfect time to visit Playa del Carmen. At this time of year, you can not only the natural beauty of Playa Beach, enjoy as well as the fencing experience experience of sea turtles and saint Maya voyage.

For many Playa del Carmen it is the ideal place to retire. To make great climate, culture, splendid beaches and many Playa activities is a great destination for retirement.

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