Top Ways To Make Money With Minecraft

Do they think they are not playing money by making your favorite videos? Was the company informed that all hours spent on Minecraft were a waste of time? Read now because you are ready to discover seven simple ways to make money with (and impress your friends at the same time.)

Let's first take a moment to get the place to discuss is an online marketplace where people can be any number of performances or "micro-jobs" outsiders to pay a huge $ 5 user's promotional offer flyers to 100 100 cars to set either a logo design company or record A personal message, while the voice of a character to emulate the "Star Wars". While some performances rate have $ 5 for opening, they are much more worth the most popular and good for the show. Well, an initial five dollar show in price was the seller can do many, many more.

Like all websites, has buyer and seller protection, some conditions have to be met. At this time the place for everyone over 13 years is available, is not limited to a specific country and does not allow for violent appearance, spam or illegal. In addition, each of your talents and services can sell there. Here are eight ideas to get started ...


Does it ever make scenes of Minecraft? Has a Killer Hero brick scene and Steve in the fight? Well, if you have the talent, you can make money. A fast scroll through the search term "Minecraft" with and will offer many artists to draw scenes in exchange for the money.

Create images in Minecraft

If the design is not for you, you may be one of those people who like to recreate scenes from the real world into a mine. Are you able to build the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon or 747? Then you can also make money with this talent. With this show, it provides the customer with a photo of a real scene and create it at Minecraft, easy.

Video Advertising

If you saw one of the Minecraft videos on YouTube, you will know that the best always has a banner, logo or image they have set. If you use image editing software as "Gimp" or "Photoshop", you can create a service by opening or closing the credit card for a value.

Minecraft server

Do they know how to create a Minecraft server? Well, it could offer this service at a price. You could help a service other players in the mood to create and maintain servers.


Are you one of those people who loves short films with mines to imator? You could offer your services at a price. With this performance, you can offer to create a unique person short animation for a customer, or (even better) sell the video itself over and over again and earn money from it. With this option you can offer different alternatives for the video itself. In one, you can change music, else the name of the client in the field make it smaller or bigger, or many other options to make each video.

Minecraft Skin

It would be easy to make Minecraft covers, so why not make money? Only offer a show where your customers have an image, sample or idea of ​​what you are looking for and do. To see examples of display with the search term "Minecraft Skin".

Minecraft parts

Do you or your mother know how to create the finest Minecraft party end or birthday cake? Can you do better than your local store to create Minecraft birthday invitations? Is strict with so many Minecraft parties, you could offer their baked goods for sale to places in your area.

As you saw with little imagination and creativity, you can make money with Minecraft. These are not the only ways to make money anyway? You can house retreat style, does the Notch probably not? It all depends on how well the service you offer, your rankings and how many people are looking for what you have to offer. Well, said who in order to play video games was a waste of time.

Note - Mojang now takes his copyright seriously than ever before.

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