Why is Charmander Pokemon?

Why is Charmander Pokemon? ~ Everyone in this world at some point listens to the Pokémon. And as a result, people around the world have their favorite Pokémon loved.

1. Typing your fire

One of the strengths of Charmander is your cool and unique typography. Charmander is a lizard-style Pokemon fire that has a unique construction and design around it. It has a flame and the fire resting in its tail and that it will eliminate its life immediately, the flame was encharada and faded with water of any kind. Fortunately, as an important feature it is permanent so sensitive to a Pokémon.

2. Variety of legal moves

Charmander and the development line are known to be able to learn a variety of movies and legal techniques. Charmander, a variety of moves, such as fire attacks, even the kind of dragon learn attacks. Some of his films include Dragon Fury moves, such as that they can learn and teach TM in general, most generations or the Dragon Claw usually it. These moves are very effective in the types of dragons and other powerful Pokémon. You can include things like moves such as Focus Punch and Brick Break and Rock Rock Form Rock and Rock Slide Race. Ghost moves like shadow grabs are also in their arsenal and many more to mention are movements like Ace Air, Sunny Day, Dig, Rest, Iron Tail, Secret Energy and much more.

3. Cool line of evolution

And last but not least, the Charmander Evolution Line is very cool and a great power of this Pokémon. At level 16, this small, cool Pokémon fire will develop a lizard with much more power and speed to pack into an even bigger lizard fire there. It will be even cooler, as it develops at stage 36 in its final form Charizard, it is an even greater profit, because it is flying moves thanks to the new wing they fly and learn.

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