250cc Bicycle Pit X31 Gio Review

250cc Bicycle Pit X31 Gio

Are you looking to get into the bike pit kingdom?

You are in the right place, because Gio Bikes, a Canada-based company, has some incredible biker bike deals. While China continues to build the pieces of junk unusable Gio Bikes has made and earned a Road Selling motorcycle.

A 250cc bicycle bicycle is the perfect pupil for a larger or an adult child because it has a fairly high seat height and has enough strength for older pilots. Gio Bikes have some different 250cc motorcycles, but the X31 2010 (19 "/ 16") is the most popular 250cc motorcycle cave.

You think that because these pit bikes are made in Canada with the bits of the highest quality Chinese imitation bikes again.


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The engine at X31 2010 is a four-stroke 250 air cooling. It has a decent moment, but it attracts and focuses on high levels. It comes with a high carb rider Mikuni, which is used at the best motorcycle brand motorcycle.

This bike has enough strength for someone to have fun. It also comes with a high-flow exhaust system that delivers good performance and great sound.


The engine is wrapped in a lightweight aluminum frame. It's the style, using big motocross motorcycles. The board designed by CAD will be abused by adult riders and weekend warriors. It is much stronger than a Chinese bike puddle and it is quite easy for a child to walk in the corners, can not put crashing.

A woman who wants a good bike family follow? If you are one of them, or in the meantime, the suspension can this 250cc bike fit the driving style. So the shock when the pins are fully adjustable suspension is Japanese level (much better than the Chinese).

It's probably quite strong not for motocross or big jumps, but it does the job if you're near the ground.

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There is a Showa air cell shock absorber back. The Showa shock absorbers with Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and motorbikes and a major brand of used motorcycles, and you know, are the first class.

Not all mining bikes are equipped with a fully adjustable suspension and much less adjustable, so this is a great advantage that this 250cc Giovanni motorcycle.

Product quality

Almost every part of this pitbike is made with high quality materials. This means less abrupt interruption, unlike the Chinese imitators. You can just say on this bike that the pieces are not cheap.

You can Gio Bikes 250cc bike to walk for hours as long as you do regular maintenance just like any other motorcycle dirt. Gio definitely recommended the bike and for parts of its quality as an alternative to the Chinese bike.

Wheels are hydraulic disc brakes an opportunity to give you how to stop motocross bikes. The fork bridges are made of high quality aluminum, making them soft and comfortable controls. You can also take the bike in four different colors!

Final thoughts

The anodized and motocross style features, lots of Japanese quality and the smooth look of this 250cc bike you want to go. With electric starter anyone can join the seat are allowed to drive. If you want a cheap and sturdy bike, looking up enough energy and the post to copy the tracks and Cornfield did not go on.

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Gio Bikes has auctions where you can get these bikes for dirty (punk-destined). Also, if you want to update some parts or replace Gio Bikes has a lot of secondary purchase and replacement parts in stock your bike bike suit. Have fun and rip it!

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