About Bowflex Home Gym Review

Bowflex Extreme SE is a great piece of exercise equipment at home. It offers a variety of exercises that reach all muscle groups in the body. The Bowflex home gym in a Kraft Rod position to achieve resistance due to its revolutionary system.

This system offers a unique experience of weightlifting, which liked. It offers a wide range of variable resistance options to keep your body feeling always burning. Gained about 10 pounds of muscle and lost 10 pounds of fat while Bowflex for 9 months. With Bowflex you can get 70 exercises made from the legs more behind.

So to answer the question in all their minds; Bowflex really works!


The original layout:

The original layout of the Extreme home gym Bowflex SE lasted about 1 hour and a half with the help of a friend. The instructions are easy to define and easy to follow.

Including Weight of Strength:

Bowflex Extreme SE home gym came with 210 pounds of resistance weight, and it was definitely enough for the first months of training. Once got stronger, found that 210 pounds for chest and lower body exercises was not enough.

Notes that Power Bars has a different feel than without weight. The great thing about Bowflex that weight can increase with you relative to the resistance. The Bowflex is upgradable to 410kg Resistance. The upgrading 100 pounds and today doing 310 kgs of total road resistance.

Torre Lat:

The home gymnastics Bowflex Extreme SE comes with a complete lat tower, which makes the performance of the back exercise a breeze. This feature and not just for back exercises, but also for triceps pull-downs and extra chest exercises.

Cable pulley system:

Bowflex uses a pulley system, power the wheels with different work settings and connected to very high quality.

Total Quality:

The Bowflex Extreme SE Academy Quality home materials such as steel and aluminum cables and rated airplane pulleys.

Space requirements:

Right now that my Bowflex has been set up in a spare room and this offers plenty of room. (Recommend a minimum surface of 8X8 feet to ensure proper operation)


Bowflex is one of the safest home gyms you can buy. You do not have to be observers because the power bars eliminate the need to lift large weights that could fall and injure the user. Generally speaking, the Bowflex home gym has Extreme SE a great investment for my overall health and fitness.
This helped me lose fat and put pounds of muscle. The device allows quick change between exercises in order to (it's a 20 minute requirement in the commercial a bit outrageous) through training strength training in just 30 to 40 minutes can go.

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