About The Nvidia Shield Review

The Nvidia Shield Review

Nvidia is striving to ensure a level playing field with NVIDIA SHIELD, a three-part system, supporting a variety of portable platforms.

SHIELD tablet

Already known for high-quality graphics produced around the world by gamers, Nvidia is now making a "tablet 8 with a Tegra K1 mobile processor and Full 1080p HD screen. This tablet can be used to play all the computer games with the Nvidia SHIELD wireless controller.

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SHIELD Portable

Complete with the latest generation layout and control precision is the portable all-in-one NVIDIA SHIELD device in the player traveling. Equipped with a Tegra 4 portable processor, a 720p touch screen.

It's optimized installed games, but you can run all the popular emulators. With the ability online, the portable is able to transmit as a high quality entertainment device Hulu and Netflix as well as play download any type of Google medium.

SHIELD Wireless Controller

Built with disk and portable work, Nvidia's SHIELD wireless controller is the first precision controller for PC and Android transmissions to grow.

Wireless capability to reduce Wi-Fi Direct with latency and performance compared to the Bluetooth controller. Other features include a headphone jack, touchpad, special buttons for Android navigation and volume control.

Undoubtedly player players, for players, Nvidia SHIELD line is the next step in completing the game. To create products that facilitate access and play their PC games, coupled with the stellar image and sound quality, integrated game systems will soon be on the road.

This ease of use and portability means that computer play is quickly the dominant way is to play video games. Accessibility and convenience is that Nvidia Shield is a vital element in the mobile game.

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