Amazon Prime Air Drone Comes In A City Near You

Started at Amazon, which started as an online bookstore. From the economic window of opportunity was the opportunity to improve the customer experience with the client's expansion extension. From the beginning, Amazon has focused on bringing in the best customer experience with the conscious emphasis on comfort and other innovative technological developments, such as the late 21st century for creation.
Amazon has made a number of technological innovations through the extensive product line of the most innovative project. Since its inception, the company has been available for purchase to make all the books focused online but has developed its focus now needs to "sell everything." Amazon Prime, video content and music directly to the customer through their smart devices.
Amazon fashion, which last autumn on the market.

Amazon Fulfilling.

Amazon Prime Air drone comes in a city near You via

Amazon Marketplace, which offers its customers the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, use logistics and distribution of the company's infrastructure.

We believe the Amazon Kindle, which was the forerunner of all other tablets.

Amazon Web Services, which was born a company by the need of Amazon was to create a sustainable infrastructure for its online activities. Amazon Prime Air expands the products that sell the company. With a leading innovative vision in delivering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Amazon Prime Air will improve all its other product lines so that customers have the products commanded much faster, effectively improving the Amazon customer experience.

Well, let's take a look at what the data says

Amazon has been working on UAV technology for some time, but it was just last November that the Federal Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) announced a plan to create a model for the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).
In the public speech, instead of "spitting" in relation to APA, public opinion will increase as soon as the platform starts. And after the UAS FAA trade integration plan, they have a lot of time.Here is the timetable for completing the FAA UAS. It is divided into three phases divided:

The first phase, Accommodation, runs until 2015. During this time, believe Amazon is working to achieve the Airworthiness Certificate (AOC). The second phase, the integration spans in 2020, and at this stage believe Amazon will focus on beta testing in selected markets.
The third and final phase, the development covers approximately 2.021; Amazon not only developed a UAV ready to communicate with the public, but also a UAS containing various aspects of storage, integration and distribution.

Google trends

The next day, Amazon Prime Air was announced in the exhibition, 60 Minutes has become the biggest holiday of consumer time "in cyberspace Monday". Google Trends tool can measure consumer interest. Google's trend is a search tool that users of search phrases to compare information about Google search data to obtain licenses.
In this chart, "Monday Cyber" was 100 units with "Amazon Prime Air" and "Amazon Dagger" representing 75 and 74 points. So for every 4 people who tried Actions Cyber ​​Monday, 3 Search for Amazon Prime air. It's fair to say that for every four people who have made a purchase for Cyber ​​Monday, it will be 3 were customers have Amazon Prime Air!

Air Amazon's current prototype has a maximum payload of 5 kilos or less that qualifies for Amazon Prime Air 86 per cent of their shipments as eligible. According to the figures of its free maritime policy in selected companies, applications cost about $ 6 billion last year and with FedEx and UPS (its cargo partners) to raise the figure to 4.5%, they can expect to increase these costs and even Time to grow.
The Air R & Amazon data available to the Prime Minister's budget is not available to the public, so it had to be creative, but some assumptions. The opportunity is big enough so Amazon is a great UAV delivery customer or a major UAV delivery vendor.

Amazon Prime Air is the name of the Unmanned Aircraft from Amazon. The system is possible to frame every story a user will develop taking into account its customers, the public, call center workers, providing UAV node and, most importantly, the unmanned aircraft.

In its current capacity of 96 service centers around the world, the distance does not meet the 10 mile UAV prototype requirements, so as part of their strategy, they will develop call centers to continue as part of the unmanned aircraft.


The focus of the Amazon should create a safe UAV, then discuss and user stories with the team of engineers developing is a priority for safety and reliability. They should also focus on defining and using specifications by exploring the current FAA requirements as a symbol and prevention, control and communications, and others, as detailed.

The launch of Amazon Prime Air will not be easy as it should be expected for such an ambitious effort but I believe that even in this brief analysis of the project, the innovative delivery could lead Amazon UAV.

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