Android vs Apple iOS Reviews

The Android vs Apple discussion has been developed for a long time and has never been greater. For a long time Apple has been the reigning king of smartphones. Whether it's simple but beautiful hardware or software effectively, Apple has left most of the competition far back. The powerful operating system that has grown in popularity surpasses many of the big fish and a powerful competitor in Apple and led to a virtual war of Android Vs Apple iOS to prove.

Most people these days if a smartphone to buy from this Android Android scenario against mess. People in stores asking for sales children sounded when Apple would have to go to Apple or Android, thus giving more calls to Android Vs. Most of you must have gone through the charts that describe how to win the Android market share and Apple has nowhere to go but down. Do not be an open source O, the vast majority of application developers, device makers, freeware and more. Everything seems to be in the furious war of Apple vs Android in the way of Android to go!

Let's take a look at this to win the Apple Android War:

1st owner of an open source operating system

Apple controls itself for your iOS. This turned out to be a benefit to Google Android. Android is free and open source, which means that someone have a look and change your password. This has led to a huge portion of the application developers population to choose or switch to Android.

Then against the war of Android Apple - Android's advantage

2. Applications

Although Google argues that Android Market has expanded quickly and can not do it, but the reality is that it is currently near the Apple App Store. Do not think any app has been transferred due to the popularity of Android's Android.

Then, against Apple's Apple-War of Apple Advantage

3. Material

Personally am a fan of Apple hardware. The way to simplify design and create elegance in every device is an achievement in itself.

Then against the war of Android Apple - Android's advantage

4. Application developers

This is another crucial factor. Apple app developers have difficulty uploading their applications to the App Store because they have to go through all the tests and what not. On the other hand, Google said Android developers can publish their apps on Android Market. Therefore, more and better apps are on the way to Android users.

Then against the war of Android Apple - Android's advantage

All of the above factors account, with certainty that Android has a very bright future and Android war against Apple iOS, Android, the winner will be.

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