Bake Burgers and Sittin in a free ice Cream Freezer

Hamburger, one of first memories of baking in the backyard. Remember sitting at the top of the old ice freezing like, while father, uncle and grandfather took turns converting the old crank attached wooden bucket impregnated with spiders water.

Bake Burgers and Sittin in a free ice Cream Freezer

Ice will most often be flavored with crushed pineapple preserves. Or maybe maybe someone was given us some fresh ripe peaches to play puree and vanilla cream ice cream.

Cook, so it was a really big party for the whole family, always laughing, running and playing with great.

Grilling Hamburger soon became my responsibility, even if it was only 10 at a time. Fire carefully coal building on the old grill we had been a test of my boys' best skills. Once the charcoal was covered with a fine white ash, the grid could start.

The ice was more ice filled is mixed with a generous amount of the mineral salt mixture so it can go while all Tasty Burger has always ate us covered with lettuce, ripe tomatoes and red onion. The dog dogs would like everyone to take to take his time, shaking or the bottom of the bottle pops out to get the tomato sauce from a jar.

Ah, the sides, good tender plate of the meat sides around the bone, fall down covered with smoky chipotle barbecue sauce generous help. It is very tasty to give a nice smoky taste to your food.

Guacamole is also one of the favorite meat blankets almost every grill, especially beef, chicken. Sponge cake of fresh ripe avocado along with a beautiful garden, ripe tomatoes, chopped onion, try to cut a small Chipotle. Season your delicious craft with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, pour a little coriander, salt and pepper and call it a meal on its own.

Thick and juicy T-Bone is a great joy and chicken fajitas. Fun to do, because everyone gets made piled up in a big tortilla flour their own just to adjust.

The old three-foot barbecue was thrown into the rubbish. Replaced by a heavy smoker of cast iron grill and wood certainly has a handy gas grill for almost everyday use, but nothing is better than baking the old reliable smoke.

Always radiate with pleasure, because homemade fresh peach ice balls with home made biscuits "Nana" should be served.

One day, though, believe, will the old hand deduction ice freezing. Sitting in the old freezer, holding it, while father, uncle and grandfather transforms the old animal grabbed.

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