Baltimore Ravens A Brief History

A professional soccer team, Baltimore Ravens, based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are members of the National Football League (NFL), the largest American football championship in the world, and one of the four members of the North American Football Association (AFC) member group. Soccer raffle suits are black, gold and purple. Play at PSINet Stadium in Baltimore.

The Birth of Crow

The Baltimore Ravens was founded after the NFL season in 1995 when the Arthur B. model owners to get past what Cleveland Brown was then, chose his team in Baltimore and renamed the crows (a new franchise Cleveland Brown was founded 1999) who lived from Edgar Allan Poe's poem about "the crow" (Poe in Baltimore in the 1830s) came.
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After the 1997 season, Testaverde left the team and signed with New York Jets as a free agent. In the 1998 season, the crows had six wins and ten defeats, and it was when the attacking crows Brian Billick, Minnesota Vikings hired as head coach.

Three consecutive seasons, losing

The crows did not have a successful start, as he floats in his first two seasons. The 1996 season was Ravens' first season, where they played at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and finished a melancholic record of 4-12. The 1997 season was promising, start with a 3-1 record. Raven player Peter Boulware also won the AFC's Rookie Defender of the Year with 11.5 pounds.
Vinny Testaverde, then Jet in New York, was replaced by Jim Harbaugh, originally from Indianapolis Colts and later by Eric Zeier. Priest Holmes, runs 1,000 meters for the crows, also participated in the team and Rod Woodson Kader. However, crows had lost 6 to 10. Marchibroda eventually replaced Brian Billick as a coach in 1999. The 1999 season was a great improvement to manage a 8-8 record.

The Super Bowl 2000 Championship

Under the wing of Brian Billick of the 2000 NFL season, the crows built their team and strengthened its defense. Super Bowl XXXV, eventually won a 34-7 victory against the New York Giants and was announced as champion this season.

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