Best Watercolor Beautiful Flowers

Best Watercolor Beautiful Flowers via

Watercolor flowers can be captured in a nice way. The transparency of the medium allows you to use this to their benefit to the artist by detecting the delicate complexity of the flower. If you painted "air Plein" from the doors inside or as part of a living dead in a studio, the flowers offer endless possibilities when dyed in a watercolor.

For many years, Rose Madder Genuine, deep blue, yellow and Aureolin Viridian green are heard on my pallet. Mix two gives you a clean, transparent and transparent color, you can trust not to be "sensitive." Note the colors were used for their own relationship with each experience the next. Also use Burnt Sienna, and when mixed with cobalt-blue soft cool gray.

Another issue when the flowers are mixed in a watercolor with the green look naturally. Suggest another sample graph with different combinations (the above colors) with Viridian green as a starting point. Then try this exercise again Viridian green Winsor replace. Green Winsor is a dark and neon green, the role is not "lift" like light like Viridian, if you want to make changes. Just do combinations of two colors can be opaque lead as the third in a "mud". Prefer to create my own green and find that they look more realistic and faithful to the naturally occurring colors.

As for the watercolor paper, my personal preference is 140 pounds. Watercolors arched cold paper is pressed. It's good to keep 'up' or remove any color, it's with a watercolor brush or with a soft toothbrush. Some colors "stain" and not quite increase his painting. Paint with each watercolor brush to feel comfortable in different sizes and brands to try out. Most art shops shops will be happy to drive to this area.

Tweeting just outside the center will make an interesting composition. Fill the paper with flowers, and let the web stay. Vary the tips; You should create a small effort and other soft contrast. Let's mix some of your color directly on the page. Use black rich paper a full range of white prices. Carefully study the petals. Look carefully at the stalks. Are they straight or slightly bent? Are there any differences in their colors? Like leaves of the plant? Keep these thoughts in mind when painting and enjoy the process. Do not worry about the end result. At the moment, just enjoy.

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